A security officer in the building I work in (when not socially distant) turned out to be a long-time BMW enthusiast, and we've been talking about him getting a good used BMW to replace his Focus after Ford buys it back...

His twin girls have just figured out that although they're not big enough to climb out of their playpen, if they work together and throw their weight against the side at exactly the same time, they can knock it over and escape. (Yeah... THAT age...) In order to fit their two child seats in the back of his Ford Focus, he must push the front seats all the way forward, and he does NOT enjoy driving with his knees scrunched up against the steering column. Beyond that, his Focus has the DCT which Ford is buying back (and his is starting to fail).

I thought I'd help him out by telling him about the Montgomery County Students Automotive Trades Foundation (I bought my first car there long ago!) so I showed him the list for the sale a couple of months ago. They had a blue 528i sedan (forget the year... probably an E60), which he fell in love with. When he couldn't go to that sale he was crushed. The next sale came around and they had a 745i (forget the year... probably an E65) which I sort of scared him away from. (He has two daughters who've figured out playpen escape and a Focus DCT, he'll have enough expensive surprises for awhile.)

I suggested something like an E61 (5-series wagon) for the combination of rear seat room (for those child seats) and cargo room (for that dual stroller). He really wants a V8, but I suggested a six would make him happier down the road. At about this time I was browsing CARFAX and stumbled over this which struck me as a great example of what I was suggesting. It has the sport package and a twin-turbo I6. It also has AWD, the cold weather package, and heated front and rear seats, so I figure it has "spouse acceptance" written all over it. (His wife is not a Bimmer Girl, or perhaps, not yet...) And it's nearby.

About that specific car, my concerns are a) is Victory Motors a good outfit to deal with, and b) is a 134,262
mile N53B30 safe to own? (I know about the HPFP and waste gate issues.)

My basic advice is a) that wasn't BMW's best era in terms of reliability so don't go crazy, be prepared, and stay away from there V8s; 2) whatEVER you buy take it IMMEDIATELY to a GOOD BMW SPECIALIST shop for a thorough check-out; and c) join NCC BMWCCA ASAP.

Anyone have any further thoughts?