I searched the forums, and found some alignment threads, but they are all 8-10 years old. I'm looking for a good alignment shop that is willing to hit specific numbers (nothing ridiculous, just want to get toe set to about -.01 front and back, and balance read Camber around 1.1-1.2 degrees) and that will allow me to be involved (talk to the tech doing the work, provide accurate before and after numbers). Even better if I can be in the shop, but I know that gets tricky.

I've called several shops, and I get the the same BS about allowable ranges, and we can't always hit specific numbers. To me that says we aren't willing to spend the time to hit specific numbers. And with asking prices from $90 to $200 for essentially the same thing. I'm willing to pay more if I'm getting real expertise, and the results I want, but I'm not convinced spending more will get me that..

Would be a bonus to find a shop with a road force balancer, and a tech that knows how to use it as well..

Needs a solution ASAP, so please share your experiences..

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