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Thread: NAB in Alexandria?

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    NAB in Alexandria?

    Question about detailer/dent removal from NAB (, located off Rt 1 in Alexandria, south of Wagon Works and behind Jack Taylor's used cars and the Exxon.

    Has anyone dealt with them? I need to clean up my bumpers before selling a 2002 530i. They are also going to repair a small dent on door. Here is what they quoted me:

    Front fender (scratches) $175.00 - Wet sanding surface;
    Rear fender (scratches and cuts) $295 - sanding/prime/paint;
    Ding (small) $195
    Vehicle cleaning $30
    Shop materials $95
    Waste disposal $20
    Total $810.00

    Might be a bit excessive but if makes me another $1000 on sale of car will be worth investment. How does this pricing look and does anyone have any experience with them?


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    I guess no one goes there. My mistake.

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    i've used this shop a couple times for hand washing when it was too cold to do it myself. they have a good attitude and washington consumer checkbook recommends them for quality but prices appear among highest for detailing - i know nothing of dent, paint or body work by them.

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    I used to use NAB for detailing, but their service has steadily declined and their prices have steadily increased.

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    Ouch; that's not what I want to hear. They are so close to my house and I really need to prepare my car for selling...I guess I will just have them clean up dents and bumper and get detailing done elsewhere. Thx.

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