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Thread: Martin's BMW Gaithersburg

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    Martin's BMW Gaithersburg

    For those in the Montgomery County area, I'd like to recommend Dan Martin as the person to go to. Dan is really knowledgeable and really wants to help you out.

    I know Steven goes to him and Glenn speaks highly of him too. I recommended him to Pete and he was impressed and has switched from Pro Imports (no comment :roll: ) to Dan. 8)

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    Yea. I was going to mention Dan also.
    He is now a NCC instructor so he will be at most of our driving schools. I made sure I parked next to him.

    Martin's Auto Service
    8100H Beechcraft Avenue
    Gaithersburg, MD
    (301) 926-8977
    BMW CCA #146825 |

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    I'm so glad I found Dan's shop. Day and night difference in quality and service of the 2 shops.

    No comparison,


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    I've been taking my 6 to Dan's shop for about a year (he did the pre-purchase).

    I'm always happy to recommend him and his work to fellow club members, other bimmer owners and anyone with a Skoda.

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    Hey Pete You attached awesome car . Can you post here its details,modal and price and available in which color . I want to buy it please share its details.

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