I was doing a twenty-first century chore (deleting spam) when I found the following essay at the bottom of an offer to search luxury cars for sale nearby:

Why do we use cars?

Why do we use cars? The reason we use cars is for transportation. While we could install railways, trolley cars, subways, etc., we would rather choose cars as they are more convenient. Instead of having to wait for the 2:00 train or something like that, we can get in our car and drive out to the place without waiting for others. Not only that, but cars hive an added sense of security as you know that you are the only person in the car(or with people you choose to drive with) and not with a bunch of strangers. Also, cars create a new industry with many jobs.

I'm sure you agree, this perfectly captures what BMW, BMW CCA, and BMW CCA NCC are all about…