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Thread: MAR Installfest. March 5th, 2006.

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    MAR Installfest. March 5th, 2006.

    When: 10:00 AM - March 5, 2006.
    Where: 6025 Hofstra Ct. Springfield, VA 22152 (Skunkman's Place)
    Who: Anyone who wants to come grab a burger or two, or needs to install some stuff, or wants to help us all install stuff.

    I'm going to be putting in my clears, we're going to be resetting SRS/CELs, doing a couple suspension installs, anything else that people want done, that can be done in a day or so, would definitely be cool to do. We should be around here until 5ish, so anything that can be done in that amount of time is probably good.

    So who all plans on being there, and what is going to need to be done.

    1. Dougmoney (Clears install/SRS Reset).

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    Won't be there Doug. That's a work weekend for me. I'll be flying.

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    As posted on BF.c

    1. Dougmoney (Clears install/SRS Reset
    2. hakwuzhere(Bryan) (springs/shocks, OEM SSK, new pedals, shifter & handbrake, leather shift and Ebrake boots, carbon/white roundels(uhhh, im still buying stuff))

    Hehe, actually I hope to have everything but the SSK and suspension done by the installfest... but if the taxman comes then ill have my new rims also

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    I jus noticed that my member# is showing up in my posts... is it supposed to? I thought I was supposed to gaurd that # with my life...

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