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Thread: Sunroof replacement

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    Sunroof replacement

    My sunroof has been ratling for about a year and is getting worse. After the recent heavy rain, I noticed that my driver's side seatbelt was wet so I figure that I need to have the sunroof replaced. This is probably going to be very expensive. Can anyone suggest a GOOD independent shop in the Montgomery County area to have this done. I have a 2000 528i. Thanks.

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    Before you spend lots of money on a "new" sunroof, I'd suggest checking for:
    • missing/cracked sunroof/window/door seals
    • clogged sunroof drains (there's one at each corner -- dribble some water into each and see if they drain, if not, gently push a length of 75ohm coax cable, with the threaded end clipped-off, down the tube
    Exactly what part is rattling? If it's the headliner when the sunroof is vented, it might just be a broken trim clip. If it's when the sunroof is closed, it might just need a new seal -- which is a pretty easy DIY job.

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