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Thread: 12/22/2019 - Christmas Light Tour

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    12/22/2019 - Christmas Light Tour

    The weather outside is frightful, but the lights are so delightful so let's get together for a tours winter social and drop by Merriweather Symphony of Lights! We'll meet in a parking lot nearby, off Brokenland Parkway, and then cruise over to enjoy Symphony of Lights together.

    Everyone will pay for their own car when we get to Symphony which is priced at $20. Afterward if folks are interested we could check out the Ellicott City Firehall's train garden off Rt 103 which is free to enter, but they kindly suggest a donation to help support the event for years to come. There is also a Toy collection which goes to Children of needy families in Howard County.

    So come out and join us! The event will take place Sunday December 22th at 7pm. It should take half an hour to to drive through once we leave the group up spot.

    Register here.
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