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Thread: Can you look at a car for me?

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    Can you look at a car for me?

    Hello from Seattle WA. I'm looking at a 95 525it on-line that is at :Pritchard Brothers, Inc.

    Contact: Andy
    Call Toll Free 1-888-400-9881
    2720 East Marshall Street
    Richmond, VA 23223

    Anybody know these guys? Good? Bad? Are you willing to help a brother out? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Ken Ayers
    BMWCCAPSR (Puget Sound Region)

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    Most of the guys here live in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area. Richmond is 1 to 3 hours away depending on where they live.

    The folks in the Blue Ridge Chapter would be closer. However, their forum is just about dead.

    Have you tried the roadfly?
    Or BimmerFest?
    2001 330i (my car)
    2004 Audi Allroad (wife's car and family truckster)

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    Try contacting Ric Bergstrom -- he's a former SpecE30 racer who lives in Richmond -- you can find his contact info at

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