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Thread: Thoughts on Socketless Hoses for oil lines?

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    Question Thoughts on Socketless Hoses for oil lines?

    I'm plumbing a remote oil filter and accusump into my SpecE30 in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with or thoughts on using Socketless Hoses (like Aeroquip's or Canton's) as opposed to traditional steel braided lines?

    The primary attraction, other than the lower price of fittings and weight reduction, is that it would seem much easier for me to assemble, as I don't really have a workshop, or even a workbench (I live in an apartment).

    Supposedly, these hoses offer the same specs as traditional lines (250psi/300°F) and my system shouldn't exceed 75psi/200°F (unless I want a blown engine).
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