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Thread: BMW Maintenance Extension & Warranty Extensions

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    BMW Maintenance Extension & Warranty Extensions

    My 2003 e39 530i is about to turn into a pumpkin (250 miles to go). I am debating purchsing the BMW Maintenance extension and/or a Warranty extension (insurance policy). Does anyone have any experience and/or recommendations?

    Sam Carter
    Ashburn, VA

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    We got the maintenance extension on our M3. But the with INspection I and II coming up int he time period, it will be worth it.

    Still debating the extended warranty, but one tranny of other major problem will take care of it.

    Talk to Roy Dennis at Rssuel BMW in Baltimore, tell him I sent you. He will discount the extensions.
    Terry Carraway
    02 Topaz E46 M3 SMG
    00 Dakar M Roadster
    95 Alpine E36 M3 LTW
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