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Thread: Team WTF?! Year in Review Video now available

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    Team WTF?! Year in Review Video now available

    You saw the teaser, now see the whole thing!

    The Team WTF?! Year in Review 2005 Video is now available at:

    Team WTF?! is proud to present their 2005 Year in Review video. In this video you will see some of the teams highlights and lowlights. You will hear what at times is a non-stop stream of creative (or stilted, depending on your level of propriety) language usage. You will marvel at our masterful powers of describing part of the obvious and being oblivious to the rest of it. You will bear witness to everything that is Team WTF?! You will laugh, you will cry, you will ask, "What did he just say?" many times as you watch this 3 minute 21 second, 51 megabyte video over and over again through the long, cold winter that is fast approaching us here in DC.

    This is a gritty, honest, portrayal of Team WTF?! in action and as such, it is quite profane. Someday, some of us may pay for English as a first language refresher classes to expand the parts of our vocabulary which can be used in polite company, but right now, we have to save up to replace the hundreds of tires we abused and destroyed this past year.

    When you go to view the video, you should right-click and “save as” because streaming performance will probably be pretty bad. The video requires use of Apple’s Quicktime Player version 7. You can download the standalone player for Windows (without a bundled iTunes) here

    As far as we aware, numerous cones were in fact injured during the production of this video.

    And it’s loud.




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    Very Cool! I laughed, I cried. Not really but it sounds good.

    Something to look at while we wait for next autocross season.
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    Great video guys.

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