Guess that is what we're supposed to do, introduce ourselves.... well, here you go:

Goldie, because my 'Merican friends didn't like the fact that my first name is pronounced as Michelle. Instead, my car friends referenced the Austin Powers' movie, Goldmember, and thus, nickname Goldie was born. Yes, I am from Holland, (born and raised), moved to US for marriage, we have a 16 y/o anchor baby, whom just took her first TRSS class. Been instructing with TRSS since 2012, I believe. Thanks to Rafael, for such a great programme.

Since 2008, organizing track events. Initially with Audi Club NJ (right around when NJMSP opened), and when we moved from NJ to MD, I picked up the pace, and joined the Audi Club Potomac chapter. Organized various track events for Audi, at SP and VIR, and in late 2018, retired from the organizing duties. Been instructing with Audi, PCA, FCA, FATT, SCCA, NCM, and other clubs since 2010.

First car I bought upon entering the US, was a 2000 Mercury Cougar, which was replaced with 2001 Audi S4, which was replaced with 2001.5 B5 S4 Avant (Nogaro), spent too much $$ on that car. But she was fast, and track worthy.
Saw the light in 2011, when VW citrussed (can't call it a lemon) our GTI after six months of driving it (DSG issues). Found a heavily discounted, new 335d. Drove the car for three years, including a few (10 plus) track events (275 Hoosiers on 18" do fit), realized after a year, that I was missing out on options, thus, in 2014, replaced the 335d with LeMans Blue 335d M-sport...(CPO'd, found it in IL) Track prepped Mazda Miata was added in 2011, and in 2015, an X5d (CPO'd, tracked it down in CA), was added to the stable to tow Miata behind. In light of the VW/AUDI/Porsche Diesel debacle, I added the EPA OK license plate to the X5d. My wife must be one of the few females that I know, whom thought the 335d was too large for her, so last year she bought herself a 2018 GTI, and I took the 335d back under my wings. The 335d will be our daughter's DD. Neither one of the diesels have been 'cleaned', as of yet. However, thanks to some local -autocross nuts-, hi Chuck, I saw the light -again- and soon the diesels will be cleaned.

Hope this was a proper introduction.