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Thread: NCC BMW MD Tags process

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    NCC BMW MD Tags process

    The process for acquiring an NCC tag for Maryland.

    1. On the main page in the top right hand corner is the link to begin the process.
    This is where you make a request to receive an official MVA club application.

    2. Fill in the requested information. Make sure you double check your address. All requests submitted are received.

    3. When a tag is available, you will get an email to confirm if you still want a tag. When you reply to the email an application will be
    sent to the address listed on the request form. This is why double checking you address is critical.
    If you change your address before you get an email, then put in another request and send me an email stating you have an address
    The application packet will contain everything you need to fill out your application.


    We are only allocated a small amount of tags at a time. No new tags can be ordered until all current tags are assigned. It is imperative that once you get your application you fill it out and mail it in. It takes MVA about 3 weeks to return a tag to you once they receive your application. You can get same day service if you choose to go to the MVA main headquarters in Glen Burnie. This is where all organizational tags are kept. If you need more information I can be reached

    Like here to request your application.
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    Billy Dixon
    Maryland License Plate Administrator
    Baltimore Area Rep
    MD BMW CLUB TAG # BMW 0789

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