My name is Rebecca, I was never a BMW enthusiast until my fiance bought me my first one. 2006 330xi, Its older but I baby her and love her to death. My fiance has a beautiful 2001 540i M Sport with a Dinan 5. His car does sound nice. Pete my fiance loves the older body styles, but not me. I wish I could afford the new M8 coupe but maybe in another life. I currently am enrolled in nursing school but when I finish my plan is to buy the new M3 coming out next year. I would also like to add to our BMW family a 2006-2009 335. That is by far one of my favorites. In my opinion they should have kept that engine around and tweaked it instead of replacing it with a more efficient one. I have read a lot of complaints about that 335 year but I have my son who owns one, never had any issues, and a close friend who has only had 2 minor issues with hers. That car has speed, not as much as the M3 but good for a girl who likes to drive BMW's like me.