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Thread: 07/12/2019 - 07/14/2019 - Mountain Country Summer Tour

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    07/12/2019 - 07/14/2019 - Mountain Country Summer Tour

    Join us for an extended weekend of casual touring up into the Mountains! This tour will be an optional overnight tour. Details to follow. The cost for the tour is TBD. If you cancel before the close of registration you will be refunded.

    Register here.
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    Hi All,

    At the moment its looking like this tour is shaping up to be a 1 day tour up to an optional overnight.

    Due to resource constraints I was thinking for this tour we would follow a route similar to prior year Spring Tours out to Seneca Rocks area. Basic itinerary would be meeting 8:30 at Mt Zion Rd Park and Ride off Rt-340 and departing at 9. With a rest stop we would get to our lunch stop around 12 and then once lunch finished up we would finish the drive out to Seneca Rocks and arrive around 3pm. Then folks could head home after a group picture.

    Now here's the optional overnight part. Seneca Rocks has a set of campgrounds just down the road from the main lot of the park and there are still plenty of spots. So we could camp out there the night break camp in the morning and then enjoy some more fun roads mid day Sunday before we turned for home. We could even go out for some more driving to get dinner Saturday night for those that stay.

    I'll do a little research about hotels in the area, but with this Tour a month and a half away and it being the middle of summer you'd think rooms would be hard to come by but I haven't tried to check yet.

    There really are a lot of nice roads out there once you get out there. I may charge an extra $10 for the 2nd day of touring and $3pp for the camping if we make food considerations that would go up.

    I'd still probably do the overnight even if it only ends up being a couple cars. The only bummer about the camping sites is that in theory the largest sites only allow 4 cars for 12ppl, but maybe we can park others by the main building idk. The campground appears to have paved roads in the areas we are traveling.

    Looking for Feedback from folks about the tour and the possibility of it being an Overnight trip and camping vs a hotel.
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