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Thread: z4 3.0i firing on 2 cylinders

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    z4 3.0i firing on 2 cylinders

    My Z is running fine but when I pop the clutch too quickly and it almost stalls - I quickly engage the clutch to keep it running but it stutters like it's firing on 2 cylinders. I have to turn it off and wait a few seconds for everything to re-boot and it's fine. Any ideas besides don't pop the clutch too quickly?

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    Do any lights come on when you do this? Even without lights there might be codes. Try and get it scanned.
    It could be a lot of things: vacuum, coils, plugs, alternator, etc. Best thing is to scan and see what is going on then proceed from there.
    You are “down the street” from me, so I would be willing to scan for you. Last second but if going to any of the BMW of Sterling events today we could scan it then.

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