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Thread: Recommendations for DC/MD/VA Detail Shops ?

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    Recommendations for DC/MD/VA Detail Shops ?

    I saw a list of recommendations of Garages/Service Centers but have not seen anything on places to get my car detailed. Any ideas ? I live in Bethesda so anything within 15 to 25 miles would be good.

    Also, what do people use to maintain/clean their cars between detailings(Leather, Dash, Wheels, Finish, etc.) ?


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    Spinneybeck, water, soap, rejex. In the order you asked.
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    For interior cleaning/protecting, people usually recommend either Lexol or 303 products.

    For wheels, put a coat of wax on them. It makes cleaning them MUCH easier. Once you do that, you can usually just use a sponge and your normal carwash soap. Most dirt will wipe right off.

    For exterior... That is really a tough question. It really depends on your personal preference. My suggestion would be to find someone who has the shine you are looking for and ask what they are using or after you have your car detailed, ask what they recommend.


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