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Thread: MD Inspection Failed for Fixed Driver's Seat - Ideas, comments?

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    MD Inspection Failed for Fixed Driver's Seat - Ideas, comments?

    So my e36 M3 street/track car failed inspection for having a fixed-mount driver's seat (Sparco EVO2), I do have a slider set, but didn't want to add the 1" height to the assembly. Is adding the slider my only option? Has anyone else had experience or issues with this?

    That is the only fail category for the car, and honestly, I wasn't expecting that. Apparently, they don't care about the passenger seat. Thanks!

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    I have had experience with an inspection making up their own shyt. The inspection shop said my car was too low. I put stock springs back in it and he wanted to recharge me to reinspect. When I went to the State Police to question it, they told me that my springs weren't in violation to begin with.

    Does anyone know for sure if the seat is part of the inspection?

    I found this.
    (viii) Defect #58 driver's seat but nothing in particular

    And thinking about this some more, I would go to DMV and speak with someone from the State Police.
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    You just pissed him off because he couldn’t reach the pedals
    I used to have a sub with fix seats in va and no problem passing inspection

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