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Thread: 10/13/2018 - NCC Autocross Points Event #6 - Waldorf, MD

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    10/13/2018 - NCC Autocross Points Event #6 - Waldorf, MD

    NCC Autocross will be holding our sixth points event of the year on October 13, 2018. It will be held at:

    Regency Furniture Stadium
    11765 St Linus Drive
    Waldorf, MD 20602

    Register on

    Registration opened on September 10, 2018. Online registration is highly encouraged and saves you from waiting in line! Or, if it’s a last minute decision, you can still walk-up. Walk-up registrations will be for PM session only! Registration closes 12:00 PM on Friday October 12th.

    BMWCCA no longer requires that all NCC Autocross participants to be registered BMWCCA members.

    Online registration is $35.00 for members and $45.00 for non-members AM or PM. Walk-up registration is $40.00 for members and remains $45 for non-members.(PM Session Only! No Cash Accepted!!)

    NOTE: Our events sell out quickly so walk up registration may not be guaranteed. Please register online ASAP for best options.

    All Day Session (Online Registration Only!):

    Members: $55.00. Non-Members: $65.00.

    Our program is beginner friendly, offering in-car instruction, guided course walks, and a dedicated group of organizers who are happy to answer any questions you might have or show you the ropes. We offer Novice classing so you can compete against other beginners. Also, there are free loaner helmets available for use, so if you don't have your own helmet there is no need to go out and buy or rent one just to get a few fun runs in!

    All makes of cars are welcome at NCC Autocross events (no SUV’s or trucks please). We use a simple classing structure for non-BMW competitors. We also offer MINI only classing. For BMW drivers the NCC Autocross program uses a BMW-centric customized classing structure which pits your BMW or MINI against similar performance models in 3 levels of trim: Showroom, Tuner, and Modified. You can check out the full details at our website

    Our events promote a great social gathering of all ages and all cars. So whether you're a longtime BMW CCA veteran or never been to an autocross before, come check it all out online at our website:

    Please contact us with any questions you might have at

    For non-members who would like to become BMWCCA members, to help offset the cost of membership new BMWCCA memberships are entitled to one free NCC Autocross points event!

    BMWCCA membership is $48 which is a great deal. BMWCCA members enjoy a multitude of benefits such as discounts on hotel rates and towing services. Plus if you’re a BMW or MINI owner you get the extra benefit of dealer discounts at most MINI/BMW dealers and several local shops in the area.

    See the links below for details:

    Signing up is easy! Simply go to “Become a Member, Autocross for Free!!!” and follow the posted steps. Make sure you complete step 3 after you complete your membership so that we can note your free event.

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    Two weeks until our last event of the season! Points Event #6 will be held at Regency Furniture Stadium on October 13th! If you haven't already, make sure to register for a fun filled day of cone dodging!

    Whether you're a long time autocross veteran or just starting out, we have a great committee of members here to ensure you have a great experience.

    Register on

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    If our last event of the season wasn't enough to entice you to sign up, our sponsor Dulles Car Concierge will be providing lunch for all autocross participants.

    Check them out on instagram @DullesCarConcierge or on Facebook.

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