BMW NCC members,

First, I would just like to say the new NoVA "West" Social location at Lost Rhino Retreat was a success and will make for a great social location.

While BJs is a good location, I feel we need to move the "East" location in order to better cover the NoVA area. Based on some feedback, etc. I have received it looks like the Alexandria to Springfield area along 495 would be the general area.

The location pretty much needs to be able to accommodate the following.

-Fairly easy to access
-Enough parking for approx. 20 cars
-A reservation for up to 20 people or so on Thursday nights
-Not too expensive
-Preferably not at a large shopping mall

A couple suggestions/ideas:
-Clyde's at Mark Center
-Hoffman Town Center - Ted's

I would like to have the new location selected by 06/29, looking for the first social at the location to start in September.

Thank you!