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Thread: How to connect do88 Racing Oil Cooler to new steal braided lines - 2012 e92 M3

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    How to connect do88 Racing Oil Cooler to new steel braided lines - 2012 e92 M3

    Hi everyone,

    I just received my d088 cooling kit for my 2012 e92 m3 -

    For the Oil Cooler, I purchased an Oil Diverter Value - and at the suggestion of Bimmerworld, also purchased an inline oil thermostat -

    It's my understanding that the oil thermostat is required during street driving, particularly when it's cold. I can see the reasoning behind this because the diverter is going to force more oil into the larger cooler which will do its job to keep the oil as cold as possible. This is great when driving on the track or street in warm temperatures but in the middle of winter, the oil might never get to operating temperatures, thus causing issues in the motor. So for a few hundred $$$, it makes sense to install this thermostat and not risk having a more expensive issue with my motor.

    As shown on their website, the do88 oil cooler is really plug and play; i.e. it hooks right up to the stock lines. The issue is that the thermostat does not, requiring the following parts to make it all work:

    Steel Braided Hoses -
    (4x) 8AN Swivel Seal Hose Ends which go on one end of the new hoses -
    (4x) 8AN Port Adaptors which go into the four ports of the thermostat -

    What I can't seem to figure out is that type of fittings are needed to connect the do88 Oil Cooler to the 8AN hose ends and what fittings to use to connect to the oil filter housing.

    I've searched many forums but have not been able to find an answer. Any insight or guidance would be super helpful.

    Thanks - Vikas Arya
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