Hello everyone! First time post here, long time lurker. Just got around to signing up for CCA just a few weeks back (still nothing in the mail yet tho) and I am on my 3rd BMW in the last 6-8 years or so. So yeah, its one of those things I kept procrastinating on. 1st BMW was an E70 X5, wife and I really loved that vehicle, felt like being in a Tank but drove like a sports sedan, those things are just built so well IMHO. We traded it for a F10 535i, standard no frills 5-series, but got lucky in the fact it was a 6MT, I knew when I saw it I had to have it, I mean really how many 6MT/5-series in the US are there? The car was fine, after having it for 2 years traded it off on the current whip.

A 2014 335i with a January '14 delivery build date. It was a Lease turn-in I stumbled upon at Passport BMW, with M Brakes, HUD, Adaptive M Suspension and the staggered 19" 403's, she's a beaut, kinda looks like my old GLI. But alas a 8AT. 'Cept all the M badging is kick ass. Anyway, have not started to much Mods to her, some minor things here and there, Rear Fog Light activation, some BMS exhaust tips, Dinan Shockware, some interior CF pieces from Jason and Evan up at Silver Spring, front reflectors to some smoked DEPO's, minor window tint, and bunch more Coding of the usual items, LCI interior lightning Mod. Just a bunch of small things probably forgetting some. Not sure where on the HP front I'll go yet. Really actually looking to get into HDPE and track days. Missed out on the recent Intro Day at Silver Springs, was a bit confused on the MSR site registration vice using Facebook posts/Meeting Events, Paul corrected me though.

I came from the VW/Audi world. I did some medium-to-heavy work on my MKIV GLI 1.8T 6MT at the link here awhile back. Years ago in fact. Oh and I ride a 2010 1125R Buell also. Thats thing is a Love/Hate relationship though.

And lastly, my car was the initial F30 used by Mishimoto for their R&D testing of the soon to be released Intercooler. Link Here for F30 Bimmerpost. Link here for the actual Article.

Well I guess one last part, whoever was in the E70 X5 this last Sunday, going up RT4 with the NCC plates with the blacked out Kidney grills, sorry mang I came up on you quick, thought you woulda moved a tas quicker.