Coach and Volunteer registration ONLY

for the 2018 BMW CCA Chapterfest

for the Highway Safely School event

Use this site to sign up as a Coach or Volunteer for the HSS event only.

This event is part of the 2018 BMW CCA NCC Chapterfest! at Summit Point Motorsports Park!!
Other links:
Main BMW CCA Chapertest registration link:
To sign up as a participant for the Highway Safety School
Event Details for the HHS event:
Date: Saturday May 12th
Time: 7:30 am - 5:00 PM
Location: Summit Point Raceway - Jefferson Circuit
If you've never done this before - what are you waiting for? Not ready to be an In-Car Coach? Not sure what this is all about? That's OK!! C'mon out and volunteer to help us run the event. There's always plenty to do!
In order to be an Instructor / In-Car Coach, we require you to have some experience with high performance driving events or autocross events.
In Car Coaches should have at least:

  • 5 years of BMW / SCCA Autocross
  • 2 years of High Performance driving events, or some racing experience
  • 2 years of Tire Rack Street Survival coaching experience (teen driving schools)

Volunteer Staff help out with setting up traffic cones used in the driving exercises, assisting with registration, setting up for lunch, making sure we stay on schedule throughout the day, etc. Anyone who has an interest in helping with the variety of tasks we need to accomplish throughout the day is welcome to sign up as a volunteer.
We need about 20 instructors for the event and 15 volunteers/staff.

Register here.