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Thread: Pre purchase inspection / anyone want to visit Leesburg Auto Import?

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    Pre purchase inspection / anyone want to visit Leesburg Auto Import?

    Hi everyone,
    I told myself I wasn't buying any more BMWs before I bought my Alfa Romeo, but there's an E60 M5 (2008 75k miles) sitting at Leesburg Auto Imports right now. I'm going to head over and look at it this afternoon, does anyone have experience with this dealership or suggestions on things to look for? Anyone available maybe to meet up and check it out with me today?


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    I don't know if you did all this or what happened, but I bought my X from them. They seem like a no BS wholesale lot. If the car seems beat, it probably is. So the large majority of your older-ish higher mileage-ish cars usually require some sort of repair. My x required an o2 sensor, a battery (they put that in) and front rotors initially.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am still thinking it over, it was in good shape except for the CEL for a thermostat. I did the research and I feel that I can fix that on my own and hopefully get the price down a bit. It was a one-owner car, and it seems to have been well maintained.


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