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Thread: Dan's list of local repair shops

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    Info on Advance Certifed service center

    HI, I am new to this forum and came across this post about Advantage Certified. I own an '01 740i and need to do my inspection II service. Does anybody have an opinion on this service center and will you recomend them?
    Thanks in advance

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    I bought both of my BMWs from the Advantage Certified dealership in Manassas. I usually work on my own cars, but I did take my wife's car in for service twice. Once after we bought the car to correct a few issues we identified, and a second time to replace the cam position sensor.

    My general impression was that they were competent, honest, and repaired the car correctly in a timely manner. The prices were only slightly cheaper than going to the dealership however. If you need a loaner, they only have a couple of loaner cars that you need to reserve in advance. The loaner cars are usually some non-BMW econo-box that they accepted in trade recently.
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    I promise that I'll have the list updated soon (long to-do list - race car, photography, web site, etc.)...

    ...and I'll be adding a Piedmont NC shop section (since I'm moving there sometime this spring).

    The first entry will be about 1st Class Auto Service in Raleigh, which did high-quality (although arguably somewhat-incompetent, since they ignored my list of symptoms, ordered a post-88 part for an '87 MY car and replaced the thermostat despite my explicit statement that the part was less than a year old) work at nominal labor rates ($88/hr) with an exorbitant parts mark-up (e.g., $78 for a fan clutch).

    Unfortunately, I... or rather, the 6er, was stuck in a position where it was impossible for me to perform a repair that I otherwise could have done in a driveway had I not had to be back in D.C. for work. Probably, had I been able to get the car to Korman (which would have been an even longer tow), I'm sure I would have been much happier.
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    The DC list has been updated. An NC list has been created. (The site nav menu is under reconstruction at the moment, so it doesn't show the NC list, yet.)
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    Me and my friends take our cars to Induktion Motorsports. It is a little independant shop near BWI that specializes in Audi, BMW, Porche, VW. They do really good work, and word of mouth is how they get thier business.

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    From the DC list of independent machanics, who can install my parts? Or they only order parts themselves?


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    Quote Originally Posted by stamarev View Post
    From the DC list of independent machanics, who can install my parts? Or they only order parts themselves?

    I think it's fair to assume that any of them will, but its also fair to assume they will charge you more, since they are not making money on parts, which is part of their ordinary income.

    -- Jason

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    And don't expect a shop to warranty the labor if a part fails.
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    Before you order the part(s) talk to the shop. They may be able to get it cheaper than you can etc. Depending on what you want and need the shop maybe happy to let you find the part etc. I would first establish a relationship with a shop have them to a oil change or two and maybe a pad change. Also depending on the shop they may know what works and what doesnt for your car. This was very important years ago when I was changing the suspension on my E30 and most spring packages out there wher garbage. Spring binding and bottoming out are two things you dont need at a DS. There is a lot of crap and garbage out there being sold even by reputable companies.

    And remember a good independent shop needs to make money to stay in business.

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    Thanks for all your replies guys!

    I am not an owner yet, about to buy my first BMW (used e46).

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    Thumbs up Sigy's Service Center

    Having owned six BMWs over the last twenty-five years, I started out taking my cars to VOB, then Excluservice and then to Sigy, who had been my mechanic at all of these places. They do excellent work. However, if you have a thin skin and cannot give and take abuse easily , this is not the shop for you. Sigy is a great guy but kind of rough around the edges, way around the edges. But for quality, honesty, and at a decent price, it's the only place that I would take my car.

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    any indy shops in Baltimore area???

    I've got an '01 M5. Due for inspection 2 and coming up on end of CPO. looking for an indy to look over the car and likely become new go to shop.

    Does anyone know of a good shop that's close to Balt than Dan's?

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    Not much of a first post here, but anybody have an opinion on Autobahn Motor Works on Dorsey Lane? That's my neighborhood and I'm looking to settle into someplace with an E30 325.

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    Autobahn of Towson (Baltimore Metro):

    Master BMW Mechanics
    Quailty Service
    Resonable Prices

    PS. There will be a waiting list. However, they do things right the first time!

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    Although I live down by Fredericksburg, VA, my daughter's up in Manassas and takes her '98 328is to Manassas Moterwerkes. Ron has always treated her very well, I even bought my current ride from him, an '86 325E that had a documented maintenance history and hasn't given me any problems.

    I believe he's sort of across the street from Advantage.

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