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Thread: Bmw cca licence plates virginia

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    Bmw cca licence plates virginia

    The process has begun to bring a BMW club plate to Virginia. If everything goes as plan, new tag will start to be issued in December 2018. You can help the process by being a part of the first 450 members to commit to getting a tag. One of the requirements for Virginia to issue a tag is 450 members to commit to getting a tag. This requires Va. DMV to have 450 paid application on file before the tags can be issued. Be one of the first to make the historic event happen. I am collecting names to get the ball rolling. If you want to be part of the process send an email to with subject Va. License plate to let me know your intent and to be kept aware of the progress of this process. Once all the paperwork has been filed, I will be in contact with all interested parties to let them know to get their application to Va. DMV.
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    Billy, thanks for revisiting this subject. Years ago it was considered, but never got off the ground, and at that time you only needed to be interested vs. commit to payment. I'm in for 1 or 2!

    Nearly 1 in 4 of the stateís 6.6 million vehicles have plates other than the standard alpha-numeric ones with a white background and blue lettering. And with more than 340 designs, Virginia likely has the second-most specialty designs in the country. Texas has more than 360 active designs; Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida are among the states with more than 100 designs, according to their DMV websites. Most states have much fewer or donít have data on their websites.

    Virginia offers more specialty license plates than most states. Here's why.
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    I'm interested as well.

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