Hi, my name is Milton and I joined the club a few months ago but I never had the chance to introduce myself so here I go:

I own an Alpinaweiß E34 5 series, sadly it's an automatic (although sometimes that's a blessing specially in rush hour traffic) and I use it as my daily driver. It's been with me for two years and I love it. I have a soft spot for old school Bimmers, I just love them. In the time that the car has been under my protection I have done a few things to keep it road worthy as I travel a lot with it, I drove it all the way to New Hampshire and I do travel a lot to NY, NJ and PA. The radiator was replaced two years ago, a year ago I re did the whole suspension when it miserably failed at its job and broke in the middle of a trip to Cherry Springs Park in PA. The brakes were done a few months ago and a few weeks back I did the front end (control arms, bushings, tie rods and all that jazz) so far the 5er has been reliable and a good mate in my long drives.

I'm planning a paint job for the car as it is old and the pair shows a lot of scars, but it's a lot better than other newer cars I've seen on the road. In a future I'm planing to do a 5 speed swap if I don't put my hands on a 2002, I love those little bastards, sort of a dream car for me.

I will be more active in the forums as I planning to gain a lot of knowledge about old school Bimmers.

Thanks for reading my little introduction. Have a wonderful day guys.

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