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Thread: New BMW owner and member

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    New BMW owner and member

    Hello fellow BMW enthusiasts!

    Wow! I never thought I would enjoy driving so much! Well, that's not true... I have had a one or two "driver's cars" in the past, before kids and responsibility took over. But I always wanted a BMW! Ever since my first days out of college and in business, when the more experienced and more discerning execs would show off their taste for fine driving machines with their Porches and Mercedes, and of course BMWs. Always wanted one of those Bimmers! That was the 80s, when a BMW was the "yuppie" ride of choice. Now, a few years (alright, decades) later, it's not about status, nor cliche', nor bling... it's just a cool car. I wanted something classy and fun, more than just a commuter shuttle ride, any old Camry will get me to work. Noooo... I wanted something I could enjoy in life. Now I didn't own or drive one in the 80s, and although I have heard they were a joy to spirit around in, I don't know how they could compare to my "new to me" 2010 BMW 328ix. What a ride! I picked up this cherry ride last weekend and the honeymoon is in full swing! Looking for excuses to drive to the store, around the block, or anywhere there is a winding stretch of open road. And man does this thing wind! I am loving the power, suspension, handling, comfort, style and electronic gizmos. Yes, my carpoolers are jealous (its really more than they deserve anyway), but this is not about them. This is about me driving the car of my dreams, finally! And unlike most things in life, my BMW is living up to the dream! Yowza!

    The BMW dealer recommended I joined NCC BMW CCA (never been a car club member before), so here I am! Glad to meet y'all and see you on the blacktop!

    RJ "Jeff" Poli

    Question: do BMW enthusiasts wave, nod, flash, or otherwise say "Hello!" to other BMW enthusiasts when they pass on the road?
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    Welcome, Jeff! So glad you're enjoying your 328. In the olden days (70s), when seeing a BMW on the road was a rarity, we used to flash our headlights or at least give a wave. Now, so many drivers are distracted by their handheld technology, and the bulk of BMWs you see on the road are leased, that you'll be lucky to get a nod, but try it!
    The chapter has so much to offer its members - hope you're able to make it out to an event soon.
    John in VA

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    Welcome Jeff! Hope to see you at an event soon
    Paul Seto - NCC Board Member & Social Chairman

    2011 Mineral White M3 Coupe ZCP
    2000 Titanium Silver M Roadster
    2011 Space Gray 328ix Sedan

    Check out our NCC Facebook Page

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    Thanks fo the hearty welcome, John. It looks like you have a long history driving BMWs, or a really big garage!

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    Hey Paul, thanks for laying out the welcome mat! It looks like you and I share an affinity for naturally aspirated I-Sixers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJPoli View Post
    Hey Paul, thanks for laying out the welcome mat! It looks like you and I share an affinity for naturally aspirated I-Sixers.
    When I bought my E91 (2011 328i xDrive), one of the things which pushed me towards that (and away from the 2010 Audi A4 Avant I was also looking at), was realizing the era of the naturally aspirated engine was ending so I might as well enjoy the last waltz...

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    Nothing like that growl, smooth power band and of course reliability. I can live with a few less MPG...

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