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Thread: e46 330 brake bleed

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    e46 330 brake bleed

    Any one used the two person pump method to bleed an e46? The Bentley says take it to the dealer for the modic i guess to cycle the abs. I do my e36 and e30 and never had a problem, but thought BMW may have changed something.


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    My bro has an E46328ci and our mechanic has bled the brakes without the BMW dealer fancy machine. He uses a simple pressure bleeder.

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    The 2 person method, pressure bleeder, or vaccum bleeder should work fine for a general flush of the system.

    The fancy machine that the dealers have are only really necessary if you have swapped out a major component of the brake system (e.g. master cylinder, new calipers) which introduces a lot of air into the system.
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    Or if you want to make sure you flush the fluid in the ABS system.

    You can also flush, go out and cycle hte ABS a few times, then flush again.
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