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Thread: New to Site - My name is KurtS

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    New to Site - My name is KurtS

    Hi I am KurtS and am new here.

    Well, I live in Annapolis and have been a CCA member for a number of year now, just not very active. Worked for DoD, mostly Navy! I have a few BMWs and have owned around 11-12 throughout the years. Mostly e34s and E39s and E30s, but just picked up an E92 - so, I am slowly coming into this decade!

    Not sure what to tell you, except I have been performing basic maintenance and repair on cars since I was 16, when I modified the family's 66 VW bug with big-ass G-60s, Hurst shifter, 3/4 cam and headers, such that my mom couldn't (or was too embarrassed) to drive it anymore and such "became" mine. I know, I know, it was still a Volkswagen! My friends had Camaros and Chevelle big blocks, but I was still cool, LoL!!! Moved up to a 72 Vega Wagon, was a POS until my brother installed a 3.5L aluminum V8 from am Olds/Buick/Pontiac with a 4MT - then it became a pretty quick sleeper. Moved to new 77 Chevy Z/28 which was quite nice, but powered down due to emissions and the looming energy crisis.

    First Bimmer was a 77 320i and then an 86 325i which was totaled. Since then, had some long-term commitments with some E34s and E39s as well as a very fun E30 325i vert, that I've had for about 11 years. Have been doing things like oil changes, plugs, filters,fluid changes, brakes, coolant systems, exhausts, window regulators, drivelines, control arms, struts, etc. Have Bentley's manuals for all cars.

    I ran into Chris W. at BMW of Annapolis while getting some parts, he handed me his card and suggested I check out the NCC website. I had only visited the NCC (and CCA) websites a few times and thought I would possibly get a little more active, which wouldn't take much, since I was VERY in-active!

    So, I may be checking out some, DIY sessions, driving schools, maybe track days and possibly socials.

    That's about it for now.



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    Welcome to the forum Kurt! I'm a new BMW owner... I always learn a lot from people like you who have the brand history and knowledge. See you on the blacktop and at a club event!
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    Hi Kurt, welcome! We have some great driving tours coming up over the next few weeks, hope you can make a few.
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