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Thread: Alignment Recommendation in N VA

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    Alignment Recommendation in N VA

    I need to have my 1997 528i realigned after putting in new struts and springs. I got a quote from Curry's in Sterling for $210.00 for a four-wheel alignment. That seems pretty high to me, although I'm sure that they would do an excellent job.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for someone else who does good work at a lower price?

    Thanks - John

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    Having watched my mechanic put a car on the alignment rack and do an alignment Curry's rate is not out of line. Just getting the car on the rack and things set up takes about an hour.

    Question is do you really want to go cheap and take a chance of destroying the front tires or having the steering wheel slightly off.

    Average alignment machine costs anywhere between $20 to 30K. Shop has to pay for it.

    Now Curry's is not one of the shops I would recommend as my first choice for BMW service is NOVA and isn't my second or third choice either.

    You could always go to Sear, NTB or Merchants!

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    Excluservice does a good alignment for ~$90. Curry's is better. Hillmuth does the best one I got before I started just doign the alignments myself.
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    Get mine done at Ultimate in Sterling . . .

    Cost is about $110 and they do it right.

    (703) 435-5000

    45064 Underwood Ln # B, Sterling, VA 20166


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    Thumbs up Got it done...

    I finally found that Red Line Motor Sports' new facility in Purcellville could do the four-wheel alignment on my 528i for $130.00. Tom was able to fit me in on a day's notice, and they did a good job and the car felt great with the new shocks and springs on the Shenandoah course this past weekend. Side benefit: they are only 4 miles from home so I got a nice run in after dropping the car off!

    Thanks for all the replies.

    cheers - John

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