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Thread: Hand Wash Shop In Rockville Area

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    Question Hand Wash Shop In Rockville Area


    I am looking for a place where I can take my car for a hand wash in the Germantown/Rockville area. It would also be nice if they could detail the car occassionally as well. Does anyone know of a place? I was going to Details in Rockville, but I heard that they want to concentrate on details only.

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    Avoid Details, Details, Details

    If that is the place you were going to go I would highly recommend you avoid it. They did a terrible job on my M3 last year, the owner is a surly, non-communicative jerk and they actually did some minor damge to the car which they refused to own up to. I can't stress highly enough you should avoid that place.

    I had a guy come to my house and do detail work, I thought he did a very good job. Name is Carlos, 240.372.8665.

    Good luck.

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