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Thread: Speedometer/Odometer Repair?

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    Speedometer/Odometer Repair?

    Does anyone know of a speedometer repair shop? A friend has a older BMW that is all original and wants to keep it that way and is having Speedometer issues with the odometer and is looking to get it repaired verses replacement. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I received a note from John White regarding his E24 6er odometer trouble. If you are referring to a different member/problem please provide some details.

    The long-trusted, go-to shops are in CA:
    North Hollywood Speedometers & Instruments -
    Palo Alto Speedometer, Inc. -

    There is another shop I've read about lately, also in CA:

    They seem to be able to completely rebuild/repair the clusters - I'm not saying the other two shops don't /can't do that, but Bav Restoration is marketing that service "heavily" to the E30 guys. Reflow circuit board solder, replace SI batteries, polish the cover, replace odo gears, test, 3-year warranty.

    One thing I am not pleased with is their use of the Garagistic odo gears - these do not compare to the gears in quality. Garagistic gears are cheap AND inexpensive, often noisy, and not exact copies of the VDO or Motometer gears. Some believe them to be radio-controlled car gears.

    "We recommend and use Garagistic Brand Odometer Gears! If you would like to DIY your odometer, visit their website"

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    I personally have worked with North Hollywood Speedometer & Instruments on two occasions.
    I highly recommend to call them to discuss your issue.


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