I'm probably the only one here who has never been to BMW of Fairfax Service Center before, but just in case I'm actually NOT the only one, here's what I learned when I went looking for the place on Monday so I wouldn't get lost on Saturday...

BMW of Fairfax's main showroom is on the corner of Lee Highway and Prosperity Avenue, in a smallish building. But that's not where their Service Center is. Their used car showroom is behind that, further south on Prosperity Avenue, and their Collision Center is a block or two to the west on the same side of Lee Highway, but neither of those is their Service Center.

Their Service Center is across the street from their Collision Center, set back behind some other store buildings. You want to go between Jordan Kitts Music and whatever that building is next to Virginia Outdoor Power Equipment. (Milestone Metals?) The only thing visible from Lee Highway is their sign, and even that's set back from the road. This is the map from their web site:

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For something a bit more interactive, this is Google Maps' satellite view, though the image is a bit outdated. Getting on Old Lee Highway and looking from there might actually be a bit easier.