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Thread: Leather redyeing

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    Leather redyeing

    I'm trying to rehab the grey leather on the center console of my 2001 330Ci. I've trying a couple of on-line sources, but with poor results. As a result, I'm trying to find a local (DMV) shop that can redye the leather. I'd really appreciate any recommendations.


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    What portion of your console is leather? While the armrest might be leather (or leatherette = vinyl), the sides of the consoles I've encountered in E46s are vinyl.

    SEM ColorCoat is a great product, and available as an aerosol. It comes in 50 colors and you can have it mixed to match your current color. It is available online or at auto body supply shops. Like any project, you need to start with clean, grease-free surfaces.

    Classic Auto Dye is another solution -
    Put your VIN in the decoder to determine what color gray you have -

    Metro Leather is used by many dealers & used car dealers in the DC area. You can also check with the higher-end used dealers in your area to see who they use & are happy with:
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    John, thanks for your reply and the links. The center armrest on my E46 is covered in leather. According to the BMW archive website the interior color is "standard grey," also called "N6TT." I'll check out the websites.


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