Hi all,

I'm new to BMWCCA/NCC, but not to BMWs. I had seriously looked at an E30 320i as my first new car, but I blinked due to the price. About 20 years later I bought a new E39 wagon in Germany as my first BMW. I had that for 15 years before my neighbor's kid totaled it 30 feet from his driveway by sideswiping every body panel (and both rims) on the driver's side. The car was legally parked and he didn't even get a ticket!

Could have been story over for me, but I remembered wistfully considering a Z Coupe when I originally got the E39. I started looking and decided that a 2 door wagon might just work now that the kids are driving themselves. I found an Oxford Green Z3 coupe with 60K up in Montana that I bought sight unseen and had shipped cross country. It's been a blast to have as weekend car.

I'm also working with my son on his BMW project. We dragged an M coupe out of a salvage yard down by Roanoke and are in the final stages of getting it back on the road. It's been expensive, but it's really satisfying to save a Coupe from the Reaper.

Look forward to joining in on more group activities!