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Thread: No HPDE for me...disapointed

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    Unhappy No HPDE for me...disapointed

    I was pointed to the NCC as you hold HPDE's at Summit Point. It's disappointing that the NCC doesn't allow Cabrio's to participate in the event and learn how to drive their rigs better. I was up at Summit Point during the Porsche World Event and it was a blast driving around the track in a Cabrio as it is different from a coupe in that it flexes more, hence my curiosity in learning how to drive my new BMW.

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    I understand your disappointment, I have a vert too. Our autocross program allows verts so you can always try that.

    Think of it from this point of view, our HPDE instructors are all volunteers and while they enjoy teaching students high performance driving, their lives are at stake sitting in the passenger seat. There's no shortage of YouTube videos of verts flipping at speed, so until all of our instructors agree to allow verts, we stand by our position. Hopefully you can understand.
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