The exhaust on my E30 325is sounds and looks as though it's nearly shot.

Normally, I wouldn't go for "bling," especially for a car that will sooner or later be a track-only SpecE30, but I found a lightly used Tri-Flo for a better price than any other 'performance' system out there.

(I want to make sure the emissions/exhaust system is: a) street legal in VA; b) not going to fall off in a year or two, and c) not a severe impediment on the track.)

Does anyone have any experience with or thoughts on the B&B Tri-Flo system? Is there a better alternative that can be found for less than $350 (including cutting out the muffler and running turned-down pipes right off the cat?). How loud is this thing, really? (I've heard conflicting statements, and MP3s on the web don't give a true sense -- noise isn't a concern/priority, so long as it doesn't induce headaches or traffic citations.)