For the 2015 NCC Autocross season we have made several changes to our vehicle classing.

The full release of our rules can be seen at: NCC Autocross Vehicle Classing Rules

BMW Classing
Due to the new BMW models we have updated our BMW classing. The seven BMW classes S1, S2, S3, T1, T2, T3, & M remain.

MINI Classing
All MINI’s will be combined into a single class. Participants will need to register by choosing the MINI class then choosing a secondary BMW class (S2, S3, T2, T3, and M). Please see the Vehicle Classing Rules to determine the correct performance class. The MINI class will be PAX’ed to even out the competition. The MINI PAX numbers will be based on the following:

PAX Class/Non-BMW Classing
All Non-BMW classes will be combined into a single PAX class. The PAX will be calculated using standard SCCA classes. The PAX class will also be open to BMW/MINI drivers who want to participate as well. Participants will need to register by choosing the PAX class then choosing a sub SCCA class. We have created a simple guide to SCCA car classifications here: What Class Am I In?

Click here for a detailed list of SCCA Classes and the 2015 PAX Index.

Tires with lower than a 140 treadwear rating are considered competition tires.

As part of an effort to make classing more understandable, Bob Esser will be the point of contact for all classing related items. He can be reached at

NEW for 2015!!! Pro-PAX
If you are a regular top finisher at NCC Autocross or SCCA events you should register for Pro-PAX. This puts the best drivers in their own class. All standard PAX rules apply. Separate points and trophies will be awarded. If you are a BMW or MINI driver you may still complete in the BMW/MINI classes.

NEW for 2015!!! Novice Class
We are creating a new class for entry level drivers. "Novice" is defined as a participant that has three or less autocross events experience prior to January 1, 2015. This experience qualifier is not limited to NCC events and is inclusive of total autocross participation. Classing will be simple: Stock, Tuner, or Modified. Car type does not matter. To qualify you must have not attended more than 3 autocross events in previous seasons. This includes events with NCC, AI, CDC, and SCCA. This does not include autocross schools.

2015 Trophy Qualification Rules

We have decided on the following guidelines for 2015 trophy qualification:

  • All classes are eligible to receive trophies.
  • A competitor must attend a minimum of four point events to qualify.
  • If a competitor chooses to attend all six events, his score will be based on his four best results.
  • Ten points are awarded for a first place finish, nine points for a second place finish, eight points for a third place finish, etc.or BMW & MINI classes trophies will be awarded to the top three qualifying drivers in each class.
  • For Non-BMW/PAX Class trophies will be awarded to the top third of qualifying drivers. Example: 15 qualifying drivers. Trophies awarded to the top 5.