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Thread: Miriam Schottland is hosting a seminar tonight!

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    Miriam Schottland is hosting a seminar tonight!

    A bit short notice but Miriam will be hosting her

    "From the Laboratory" Why do cars do what they do?

    DriveLab’s “From the Laboratory” asks the fundamental question: Why do cars do what they do? This and many more issues are addressed with interesting and amusing graphics and other examples in this fascinating lecture on the physics of driving. The audience of all ages is taken for a joy ride through Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and how they are ever present in controlling a vehicle.

    This fascinating seminar is also a perfect introduction to driving for teen drivers. The many topics covered include car control techniques, how to save yourself if an accident is inevitable, the geometry of turns, tire safety, and many other topics never or forbidden to talk about in so called “driver education.” It is guaranteed that this seminar will make drivers think about what they are doing behind the wheel. This is what drivers should learn prior to getting their license. A little knowledge of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion will go a long way in eliminating most accidents and deaths.

    “From the Laboratory” will be held from 6:30-9:00 PM, Tuesday, March 8th.

    The address is:

    Knights of Columbus Hall

    214 Lawyers Road NW

    Vienna, Virginia, 22180

    This 2½ hour workshop examines driving as Applied Physics and teaches drivers how these laws are the most important element in controlling a car. Early registration is necessary. The fee is $30 per person and includes pizza and soft drinks.

    Not sure but you can most likely pay at the door as well. Her web site URL is:

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