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Thread: Becoming an NCC instructor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenson Button View Post
    "I was one of the Instructors at the Drifting School at the last Hype-R Fest. That School included a lot of skidpad time."
    TO CLARIFY: The above comment was made in reference to the 2005 Hype-R Fest. I was asked to instruct at the 2006 event but I was already committed to a race.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jenson Button View Post
    "I think this is the event that afterwhich you proclaimed the track had been lubricated by peanut oil!?!?
    TO CLARIFY: The Drifting School on the Jefferson Circuit where the track surface was coated with peanut oil was at one of the very first Hype-R events. The peanut oil was used only once, as the BSR staff realized it wasn't the best idea they ever had.

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    There are many groups who use the 2 skidpads at Summit. The NCC does not have a monopoly on it's use for student or instructor training.
    I have been on the skidpad for 45 mins. alone, continuosly on several occaisions. Sometimes with BSR and other times with CarGuys, NJ or Del/Val BMW.
    I have seen Aryan (owner of CarGuys) doing laps in his dualie tow vehicle with his tail out on the skidpad.
    Furthermore, I am in full agreement with Barry Brown's assertation that the regular BSR professional instructors are the genuine article. They teach on the skidpad daily; it's their job. They also teach on the unimproved dirt/mud roads course. Frankly, this is even better than skidpad training as it employs the same skill set, but dynamically in real world situations. The graduation exercise is a timed lap in a 2-wheel drive Jeep. Barry knows as we both took this same course on the same day and Mr. Brown did a splendid time.
    Before anyone gets a "We are the best mentality" please realize that there are many sensei out there, not all of whom learned at the IA.
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    who is current contact for experienced outside instructors to volunteer with NCC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    who is current contact for experienced outside instructors to volunteer with NCC?
    Not sure.
    Might want to contact Pete Read at
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