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Thread: 2008 Z4 rear fender marker light

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    2008 Z4 rear fender marker light

    Hello Everyone,

    So I am a real dummy. I was backing out of my garage, had a friend in the car so was distracted, forgot his Subaru was in the driveway and backed right into his car. Naturally HIS car didn't even blink. Not a mark on it. However I managed to break the marker light out of the rear fender on the drivers side of my 2008 Z4 3.0i Roadster. This is the little round, red light on the side rear of the rear fender. It's not a tail light, it's the little red round marker light. I can take a picture of the one on the passenger side if someone wants to see which light it is. Please just ask.

    So my question is, does anyone have the part number of this light so I can find it online? I found a light online that I *think* is the right one - for around $35 - but it would be helpful to have the correct part number so I can be sure it's the right part.

    Also, can anyone tell me how to access the thing to get it replaced? Is there a panel in the trunk I can remove for access? How hard is it to get on? It looks like it has a triangle type mount - three little circles that I assume go over nipple type things on the car to hold it on, then it just plugs in. At least I think that's how it goes on. Any insight, knowledge or help anyone can provide would be very appreciated. I am going to do this work myself and the realm of BMW mechanics is a new thing for me. I'm better versed with working on old Harleys. But BMW wants over $600 to replace this light and that is just insane and prohibitively expensive, so I need to try to do this myself.

    Again, any help or advice any of you seasoned BMW guys/gals can provide will be MUCH appreciated!


    2008 BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i

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    you can also use to get the part number.
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