What: Car control exercises include: classroom instructions, a low speed autocross session, threshold braking exercises, a wet slippery skid pad, and some medium speed sessions restricted with pylons to keep speeds under 80 MPH
When: Sunday September 21, 2014 07:00am to 4:00 PM
Where: Summit Point Raceway on the Jefferson Circuit
Cost: Car Control Clinic is $190 Taste of the Track is $40 (see description below)

Morning exercises, multimedia presentation, and afternoon lapping will keep attention and energy high, since there is much to learn in just one day. The Jefferson Circuit in Summit Point, West Virginia will play host to this great event on September 21, 2014 from 7am until 4pm. Amaze your friends and baffle your coworkers with all your newfound driving skills!This event is limited to a small set number of drivers in each group, for maximum amount of seat time.

We even have a feature called a “Taste of the Track”! This venue will allow drivers to experience a single session (at a GREATLY reduced rate) on the track at highway speeds. A total of 10 openings will be available for the Taste of the Track, at the low cost of $40 for the partial day.

Cars of all makes and models are welcome and encouraged to come out. When registering, please indicate your preference for placement in this event. NOTE: Helmets are required for ALL groups EXCEPT the Taste of the Track event. They must be an automotive helmet (SA 2005 or newer; no motorcycle helmets please) and can be rented (or purchased) from OG Racing (www.ogracing.com) if you do not already own one. These events can fill up quickly; register ASAP to secure your space!

The cut off date for applications and final chance for refunds is September 8th –so sign up early!!