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Thread: Good Salesperson at Sterling?

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    Good Salesperson at Sterling?

    Hey Crew,

    Does anyone know a good salesperson at BMW of Sterling. By "good" I mean low pressure, in addition to extensive product knowledge, etc. Please pass along a name if you know of someone who's not a slicky-boy A-hole.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Good salesperson:

    I recently bought my 330i from Sterling and dealt with Mike Araza (I thinks thats how you spell his name) and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole pre and post sales experience. He's an enthusiast (drives an e30 325) and a good guy, no pressure and always made time for me when I came in. Good luck


    His name is Mike Arata not Araza.
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    I've bought my car from Ari Feinstein. Treated me very well. Left me alone when I needed some time to think but was always available if I had questions.

    I think Alan Ribner is also supposed to be pretty good. Ex SCCA racer, so he certainly knows performance cars.

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