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Thread: Fuel Pump DIY Problems

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    Exclamation Fuel Pump DIY Problems

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    This past Saturday, I replaced my fuel pump (very simple) in my 2002 M3 Vert. Everything went smoothly that day even after filling up the gas tank. Car felt more responsive, and there was no more low RPM stumble. I went down to my car on Sunday to head to brunch and you could smell fresh fuel through the entire garage. (I live in an apartment) I walk over to my car, open the door and it was smelled so bad, you would have thought fuel punched you in the face. Anyway, I drive it away and realize that there is a huge puddle as I drive away. That hasn't happened since Sunday. It drove like it used to, with low RPM stumble, lag after changing gears, and overall throttle response. Also, my check gas cap light is on, and when I take the gas cap off, it doesn't seem that there is any pressure in the tank. Granted I did not change my fuel filter. I did however check the part number to double check I purchased the right pump and I hadn't. I bought the pump for the non-M E46's. I ordered the new one and it got here today along with a new filter which I plan on putting in tomorrow afternoon. Does anyone know what would cause my car to smell like fuel all the time? Or should I stomach the cost and run over the the dealership?
    2002 Titanium Silver M3 Convertible

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    Obviously there's a fuel leak - very bad. Check online or Bentley manual for proper installation. Check all fittings. Make sure you didn't disturb something in the vapor recovery system. Leaking fuel is a fire danger. Gasoline is also nasty stuff. Wear plastic gloves. Keep it off your skin while working on the fuel system.

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