In case anyone is bored without something to do and somewhere to do it...

What: BMW Meet-Up, BBQ & Open House @ Green Motorsport
Where: 8432 Alban Rd, Springfield, VA 22150, (703) 229-1313
When: Saturday, 31 May 2014, 10 am to 3 pm
Who: BMW enthusiasts, all series & years

My Indy (David Green) & I were talking, talking about various local car meets but he's usually running his shop so never has time to attend one. Thus, he offered to host a BMW meet at his place, renowned BBQ vendor (Oscar's) will be on-site cooking his famous BBQ.

- front parking lot will hold about 40-50 cars, back parking lot will hold 100-200+, come hang out
- he'll offer use of one of his lifts for DIY-ers, limited to one hour per person, call to sign up:
+ bring your own parts/fluids & tools or call in advance to order parts via them
+ what are you planning to do, do you need guidance from one of his mechanics
- he's a Liqui Moly facility, the Liqui Moly rep will be on hand for questions/sales
- his Snap-on dealer will be on hand, shop for that special tool you might need
- he's an Active Autowerkz dealer, he can talk with you about AA products if you're interested
- he's offering a couple of specials that day, again call to get a time slot:
+ Liqui Moly oil change special for $79.95 (up to 7 qts, non-M cars; M cars call for price)
+ 4-wheel alignment for $125
+ other desired maintenance, call in advance or talk to them that day

Winter is finally over, come out to meet up with fellow enthusiasts, ogle the cars and have some BBQ.