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Thread: Wandering Z3

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    Wandering Z3

    Apologies up front if this is not really a new thread:

    I recently installed new struts, shocks, control arms and polyurethane (centered) bushings on my 1997 Z3 2.8 - at 80,000 miles. Previously, the car tracked straight and true. Now, the steering is now delightfully tight and the ride has lost all of those "jiggles" from the worn out struts and shocks, BUT...

    there is one problem: Although the steering wheel is "level", and on a perfectly flat road, the car goes perfectly straight, if there is any crown in the roadway, the car turns toward the curb very strongly. In the right lane, it goes right. In the left lane, it goes left. Full attention is required to counter steer back to the center of the lane.

    All four wheels have been carefully aligned to factory settings.

    I'm guessing that the solid poly bushings have so much less compliance than the old bushings that more toe-in is needed than specified by BMW.

    Opinions/ anecdotes please...

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    Some thoughts -
    How much tread is left on the tires? Are they stock sized tires?
    Worn tires and wider tires will tramline much more than full treat stock size. Poly bushings will direct road imperfections with little compliance so they may exacerbate the feel.
    If tire tread is good and stock size, it sounds like too little toe, but if you toe in out of spec you'll wear the tires and make steering inputs harder. How about the rear suspension condition? Are you sure of correct alignment?

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