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  1. Well that really stinks, but thanks for cheering me on!

    That makes me so sad :frown: But now that I know, I won't do it again! Ken seems really nice and I was glad to see him do so well even if he beat my friend Jeff!
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    Car #161 Black Firebird

    I also posted this in the correction forum, but have had no replies. Can someone please tell me why I was posted as a score 49.477+DNF for the final run (#5) on Saturday. I was asked to move my car...
  3. I ran on 8.14.10 @ Bowie, finished all the runs,...

    I ran on 8.14.10 @ Bowie, finished all the runs, yet my final and best run was posted as 49.477+DNF. How could I not have finished? Please explain... Car 161, Black Firebird
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