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  1. Thanks. That's top on my list.

    Thanks. That's top on my list.
  2. Service Shop for HPDE Tech Inspection - near Severna Park, MD

    I am looking for recommendations for a good service shop near Severna Park, MD for HPDE tech inspections. I see the ones listed on the chapter site, but the closest one is 35-45 minutes away.
  3. MD Inspection Failed for Fixed Driver's Seat - Ideas, comments?

    So my e36 M3 street/track car failed inspection for having a fixed-mount driver's seat (Sparco EVO2), I do have a slider set, but didn't want to add the 1" height to the assembly. Is adding the...
  4. Transfer Member to the NCC from Buckeye Chapter

    Hi everyone,

    I just moved to Severna Park, Maryland (greater Baltimore) from Cincinnati, OH (Buckeye Chapter) and am looking forward to getting involved with the local NCC chapter. I have an 98...
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